What Does an Inclusive Workplace Look Like?

June 2, 2022

Upcoming Webinars

We invite you to explore two upcoming webinars – free to attend – that will provide your business actionable tools to embrace and celebrate differences in the workplace, in your employees, and in the community.

Additional Resource

Northspan’s Welcoming Community programming is offering the Intercultural Development Inventory® for free to qualifying individuals living or working in rural areas in the seven counties of northeast Minnesota.
We encourage IDI for community leaders in the following sectors:
  • governments
  • quasi-governmental community groups
  • housing redevelopment authorities
  • economic development authorities
Northspan’s goal in making the IDI available to individuals and organizations across northeast Minnesota is to elevate our rural community leaders’ intercultural fluency. IDI is a well-respected tool for measuring an individual’s approach or orientation to engaging across cultural similarity and difference. Research has shown it to be reliable and cross-culturally valid. Learn more here.

Recent Posts

Commitment to Change is a collaborative effort between Lake Superior College and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce to build a more inclusive and diverse community through education, resources, opportunities, and partnerships. This robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resource guide has been curated from experts across the Twin Ports to share with your organizations in honor of Juneteenth.


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