Military Affairs Committee

The military is a significant contributor to our community’s economic health and welfare. The Military Affairs Committee (MAC) was formed in 2003 as a volunteer-led effort within the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce to promote and support the economic impacts of local branches of the military. MAC’s primary goal is to support military initiatives through legislative and governmental channels as well as through garnering community support.

This group is educational and supports the military installations and the jobs they bring to northeastern Minnesota.

Consider the Minnesota Air National Guard – 148th Fighter Wing. Based in Duluth, Minnesota, the 148th Fighter Wing is an exemplary part of the nation’s military support network with numerous performance recognition awards that speak to their high quality of service.  From the community’s perspective, they have been one of the largest employers in the area that provides stable employment for outstanding airmen and women across Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  They provide an estimated $94 million annually of direct expenditure in the region.

Shortly after the MAC’s formation, the 148th Fighter Wing was selected for closure through the Base Realignment and Closure(BRAC) process.  The MAC unified voices, and actively began lobbying for the 148th, engaging business leaders and elected officials at every level. Later, the MAC changed its focus and initiated a strategic plan for acquiring the Block 50 F-16 forth 148th.

The MAC was effective in sharing the Wing’s vision with elected offices by attending base events, championing the vision at a variety of community events, and traveling to Washington DC where we lobbied on the Wing’s behalf.

MAC is leading an initiative to encourage Congress and military leadership in Washington DC to support the continued advancement of the base by identifying them as appropriate recipients of new F35 aircraft.  Receiving the F35 aircraft will help secure their place in consideration of what bases should continue to be supported well into the future.

This group is intended to be informational in nature. The group does not offer opinions on US foreign policy.

Call The Chamber at 218.722.5501 or  email inquiry*AT* for more information about the Military Affairs Member Meeting.