Duluth Area Chamber Key Initiatives

Each year the Duluth Area Chamber Board of Directors collaborates to define goals for the upcoming year. Those goals become the priorities that steer our annual advocacy efforts, events, programming, and initiatives. The 2024 Action Plan you see below is unique in its format. This interactive matrix defines our key initiatives for the year while delineating the Chamber’s influence on each goal.

Click on each action item to learn more on how we aim to make an impact.


Research, monitor, and improve economic drivers that impact business operations.


Create pathways and seek solutions to attract and retain business and development.


Drive efforts that advance regional livability, labor environment, and population vitality.


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Serve our members by providing business advocacy, collaborative leadership and member-driven initiatives.


Serve as our area’s premier advocate for business by facilitating collaboration that engages leaders from business, government, education, labor and the greater community. Actively create innovative opportunities to advance our members.


Educate members regarding the benefits of their chamber investment and strive for continued membership retention. Serve as a business referral source, advocate, and information center while identifying the needs of our members and using feedback to enrich our programs. Promote economic development.

If you have questions about these Key Initiatives or how we are working to accomplish them, please contact inquiry@duluthchamber.com.