Serve our members by providing business advocacy, collaborative leadership and member-driven initiatives.

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Serve as our area’s premier advocate for business by facilitating collaboration that engages leaders from business, government, education, labor and the greater community. Actively create innovative opportunities to advance our members.

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Educate members regarding the benefits of their chamber investment and strive for continued membership retention. Serve as a business referral source, advocate, and information center while identifying the needs of our members and using feedback to enrich our programs. Promote economic development.

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2021 Chamber Key Initiatives

Each year, the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce collaborates with our members and Board of Directors to identify what they consider to be our community’s most critical issues. Together, we distilled this cornucopia of valuable insight into what will serve as the Chamber’s path forward in 2021.  Let us marshal the power or our 1,000 members, our board members and our staff, to press forward with these key initiatives:


Collaborate with the Northland Foundation, St. Louis County, the City of Duluth, and others interested in generating solutions to address our region’s childcare shortage.


Encourage local elected officials, city officials, business leaders, and developers to generate housing solutions for our community. Research, monitor and advocate for proposed housing developments as they advance through various approval processes. Advocate at the State Legislature to garner financial and policy support for the development of additional housing.


Serve our members as a trusted source for: advocacy, information, and encouragement as we, together, fortify our business community’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes acknowledging the stress and mental health challenges generated by the pandemic. If you seek business resources for Coronavirus aid, please click the link below.

COVID-19 Resources


Challenge local elected officials, along with city, county and school board leaders, to create efficiencies in the delivery of public services. Encourage the integration of public services to maximize efficiencies and minimize the increase in local taxes.


Generate solutions to the barrier of inequity of opportunity which holds our community back from engaging every individual in moving our community forward. Ensure inclusivity for all identities represented in our region, such as race, age, sex, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, and religion.


Articulate and promote a positive image of our business community by emphasizing our community’s attributes. Emphasize the competitive advantage our community enjoys by being located on the shores of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River.


Engage in a collaborative effort to address the need to grow and fortify our region’s workforce. This includes specifically working to ensure attractive housing options and ample child care opportunities.


Present to community members the benefits of business sector and population growth, such as diversified resources and economic prosperity.


Advocate for the fortification of Duluth’s traditional economic base, as an industrial port, which includes: port operations, transportation services, and manufacturing. Support municipal funding for: docks, shipping channels, railroad right-of-way, Interstate highways, and our international airport.


Promote emerging and growing economic sectors which add economic, cultural, and social diversity. These include: higher education, medical, recreation, tourism, arts and entertainment, and information technology.


Champion economic development which will enhance our community by expanding our tax base and create new jobs.


Encourage local elected officials to make decisions which create a supportive environment for doing business in our area.


Serve as a valuable resource to our area’s micro businesses (five or fewer employees) as they face unique challenges associated with their size.

Download a copy of our 2021 Key Initiatives.

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Duluth is a great place to live. Our Chamber is working to ensure it is also a great place to do business. We are partnering with organizations and individuals, in a shared effort, to move our beloved community forward. Good things are happening.

If you have questions about the 2021 Key Initiatives or how we are working to accomplish them, please contact inquiry*AT*duluthchamber.com.