Moving Business Forward Since 1870

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The voice of business since 1870, the Chamber serves as the premier advocate for commerce and industry by facilitating collaboration between the leaders of business, government, education, labor, and the greater community. We actively create innovative opportunities for business to advance within local and regional economies. Committed to moving business forward, the Chamber is the community’s leading business resource and advocate.


Serve our members by providing business advocacy, collaborative leadership and member-driven initiatives.


Serve as our area’s premier advocate for business by facilitating collaboration that engages leaders from business, government, education, labor and the greater community. Actively create innovative opportunities to advance our members.


Educate members regarding the benefits of their chamber investment and strive for continued membership retention. Serve as a business referral source, advocate, and information center while identifying the needs of our members and using feedback to enrich our programs. Promote economic development.

Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce History

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce has a rich history. The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce was founded on August 5, 1870.  The Chamber has been moving business forward in our community for over 150 years. Ranked among the largest chambers in the State of Minnesota, the Duluth Area Chamber is a great place to educate, promote, and grow your organization. We currently serve approximately 1000 members, with four members that have been with the chamber for over 100 years.

Duluth Chamber Staff

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce employs a team of talented individuals, working hard to bring our member-driven initiatives to fruition. Connect with any one of our staff members to answer your questions and maximize your membership.

Our Board of Directors

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is comprised of a 22-person group of local business leaders. Board members serve three-year terms and represent a diversified group of professions from various business sectors.