Twin Ports Equity Walk

June 13, 2023

Twin Ports Equity Walk:

An Analysis for Organizations to Bridge Who You Are to Who You’d Like to Be

Minnesota’s culture and community is evolving. It is essential that individuals and businesses develop strategies for continuous self-reflection and improvement, especially when it comes to opportunities to be more inclusive and welcoming. A great way of creating this inclusive environment is to intentionally and actively participate in an equity walk.
“Twin Ports Equity Walk: An analysis for organizations to bridge who you are to who you’d like to be” is an opportunity for any and all types of businesses, educational institutions, organizations, or any other places of employment to experience their place of business from the perspective of those who work in and/or visit your business with a new lens.
This is an opportunity to view the physical spaces we work in through the lenses of those from backgrounds and identities different from our own through intentional reflection.
By actively seeking to identify barriers, challenges, and opportunities through participation in an equity walk, we are preparing ourselves to better serve those who use our place of business. This is an opportunity to visit spaces we already likely spend a great deal of time in and to experience those spaces from the viewpoint of those who may be adversely impacted by our policies and practices, and to identify ways that we can continuously improve. It is also a way for us to recognize what we are doing well as a business and what we could build on.
Twin Ports Equity Walk

This guide will help your organization to:

  • Understand Minnesota’s changing demographics
  • Understand how you can use an equity walk
  • Prepare yourself and your organization for an equity walk
  • Perform an equity walk analysis for your organization
  • Complete the Evaluate Your Equity Opportunities worksheet
  • Share your equity walk results
  • Complete the evaluate your equity opportunities worksheet
  • Consult with experts

Project Contributors

Jeanine Schroer Portrait Leadership Duluth
Jeanine Schroer
UMD, PAVSA, Black Liberation Lab
Jordan Nikunen Portrait Leadership Duluth
Jordan Nikunen
ALLETE – Minnesota Power
Matt Tusken Portrait Leadership Duluth
Matt Tusken
Tracy Ramsay Group – RE/MAX
Nate Smith Portrait Leadership Duluth
Nate Smith
Duluth Public Schools
Sarah Lyons Portrait Leadership Duluth
Sarah Lyons
Lake Superior College
Stephanie Williams Portrait from Lynnette's Portrait Design
Stephanie Williams
Entrepreneur Fund
The Bridge was developed as part of Leadership Duluth in concert with the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. If we can be of further support, contact us at:

Commitment to Change is a collaborative effort between Lake Superior College and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce to build a more inclusive and diverse community through education, resources, opportunities, and partnerships. This robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resource guide has been curated from experts across the Twin Ports to share with your organizations in honor of Juneteenth.

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