Think of it as a modern spin on the town hall meeting. A gathering place to discuss issues that affect businesses, THE FORVM endeavors to inspire candid conversation among people of diverse interests and opinions.

THE FORVM is an exciting way of exchanging information; always unpredictable, always opinionated, always to the point. Hear a variety of Chamber members, politicians, and in-the-know persons debate current issues. Your input is not only invited, it is sought. Make sure your voice is heard.

THE FORVM is held on select Tuesdays of each month at 8:00am at Valentini's Vicino Lago.

Chamber member interests will drive FORVM topics. Because the FORVM is another way for us to respond to our members' concerns, we plan on addressing some of the following topics:

2016 FORVM Sponsored by:

  • Economic development and stability in Duluth
  • The image of Duluth around the state
  • Local taxes
  • Health care costs for businesses
  • Government regulations
  • Zoning issues in the city of Duluth

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