Investing in ENDI and in Duluth

chamber-dinner-2015-125If we are fortunate, there will be a time in our life when our career, our interests, our family and our beliefs meld together in an energizing, unifying force. This typically occurs later in one’s life. It often requires several years of evaluation, reflection and good fortune.

Good things happen when this occurs. It appears that a developer of the ENDI Apartments is enjoying this magical time in his life. Tom Lund, a co-founder of Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors, is building ENDI. He is doing so with his business partner, Mark Bell. It is a $36 million housing and retail project located at 21st Avenue East and London Road.

Earlier this week, Tom Lund was the featured speaker at a Chamber luncheon which highlighted ENDI. 140 business leaders gathered at the luncheon to learn more about the building they have witnessed rising above the interstate.

It was readily apparent at the luncheon that Tom Lund has combined his love for Duluth, his thirty-plus year career in real estate, and his passion for outdoor recreation as his motivation to develop this ambitious development in our beloved community.

The Zenith City needs the additional housing that ENDI will soon provide. The 143-unit apartment building will offer an additional housing option. Further, we will enjoy the 14,000 additional square feet of retail space that is included in the project. When ENDI opens, Duluth will be a better place.

Tom Lund and Mark Bell are investing their time and their treasure in our shining city on the hill. $36 million of investment, 143 additional housing units, and hundreds of construction jobs are fortifying our community.

This is why I am drawing attention to ENDI and to the co-founders of Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors. I applaud their investment in Duluth. Their investment illustrates their optimism for our shining city on the hill. It is an optimism that I share.

In support,


David Ross, President & CEO