Chamber’s 2017 Key Initiatives


Duluth is on a roll. So, too, is the Duluth Area Chamber. Our community and our Chamber have fought hard for this collective good fortune. It is the result of a sustained and unwavering collaborative effort.

We recognize how a vibrant business community can lift up our Zenith City by providing jobs and opportunity for our community members. Be assured, we do not intend to rest on our laurels.

Rather, the Chamber is preparing for an ambitious and productive 2017. You can count on us to:

  • Advocate at the 2017 Minnesota Legislature to garner financial and policy support for Duluth Area Businesses and organizations and their state bonding requests.
  • Sustain the strong and productive working relationship established with our local elected officials.
  • Challenge local leaders and development partners to generate housing solutions for Duluth.
  • Maximize the benefits derived from the planned Superior Street reconstruction while minimizing the disruption to Downtown Businesses, residents and visitors.
  • Encourage City of Duluth decision-makers to continue developing a more efficient, transparent and predictable permitting and approval process for those hoping to build and invest in Duluth.
  • Ensure the voice of business is heard within the Duluth City Council’s evaluation of a proposed, mandatory earned sick and safe time city ordinance.
  • Encourage local elected officials to understand, and be sensitive to, the potentially negative impact that discretionary local mandates may have on local business.
  • Collaborate with organizations and individuals charged with preparing and expanding our local workforce.
  • Educate the public regarding the benefits our community derives from a vibrant and expanding business community.

The Chamber’s leadership is ready and able to press forward with the aforementioned bold initiatives. Advocating for business is what we do. We have served as the voice of business since 1870. We serve our 1,117 members by providing them the support they need to move forward.

In doing so, we collectively move forward our beloved emerald city on the hill.


David Ross




President, Duluth Area Chamber