Promoting Jobs and Investment in our Community

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Our beloved community’s ability to remain vibrant depends on our capacity to offer attractive employment to our residents and to those who seek to join us in our shining city on the hill. This is our shared challenge.
One way we can generate this employment is by encouraging investment in local businesses. Additionally, we can enthusiastically support the construction projects being forwarded for approval within the City of Duluth’s review and approval process. We can also encourage our local elected officials to embrace and support these job creating projects.
Thankfully, we are embarking on a record-breaking level of construction projects. These projects will provide an abundance of employment opportunities and choices. More of our residents will soon experience the positive power of work.
Our chamber welcomes the opportunity to facilitate community dialogue related to future development proposals. We will be happy to meet with groups and individuals who have concerns regarding a specific project. We believe that Duluth’s vitality depends on our ability to unite to consider ways to bring more opportunity and investment to our community.
A hopeful paradox can exist: our community can thrive despite not growing in population. This can happen if we allow for more investment, development and construction to occur. This is why the Chamber is reaffirming our support for the construction projects which are underway and for the projects which are being proposed. We are proud of our advocacy for such promising initiatives. Our decision to champion a project is made only after we consider both the promise and the concerns associated with a proposed development initiative.
This is what you can expect from your chamber. After all, we serve as our area’s premier advocate for business. We delight in actively creating opportunities to advance our chamber members. By doing so, we also advance our entire Zenith City.
In support,
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David Ross
President & CEO