Dental Therapist
Lake Superior Community Health Center is seeking Dental Health Therapists for our Duluth, MN, Carlton, MN, and Superior, WI locations. The Dental Therapist works within the dental care team to assure quality patient care and to support the goals of Lake Superior Community Health Center.

Annual Salary Range: $125,000 – 151,200

Job Qualifications:

Licensed by the MN Board of Dentistry to practice as a Dental Therapist.
Bachelors or Masters Degree from a board approved or accredited dental therapy education program.
Written collaborative management agreement with a Minnesota-licensed dentist who supervises no more than five dental therapists or advanced dental therapists.
Able to provide dental care in a sensitive, nonjudgmental manner to persons of all economic levels and cultural backgrounds.
Computer experience.
Willing to work flexible hours, including evenings, as required by position.
Current CPR certification or ability to become certified within six months from date of hire.
Functions and Responsibilities:

Performs dental services as follows within the parameters of the collaborative management agreement under general supervision. General supervision means the supervision of tasks or procedures that do not require the presence of the dentist in the office or on the premises at the time the tasks or procedures are being performed but require the tasks be performed with the prior knowledge and consent of the dentist.
Performs dental services as follows with the parameters of the collaborative management agreement under indirect supervision. “Indirect supervision” means the dentist is in the office, authorizes the procedures, and remains in the office while the procedures are being performed by the allied dental personnel.
Dispense and administer the following drugs within the parameters of the collaborative practice agreement and within the scope of the practice of the dental therapist: analgesics (excluding narcotic drugs), anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics.
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LSCHC offers excellent wages and a comprehensive benefit plan. LSCHC is an equal opportunity employer.
Fill out an LSCHC application and submit, along with resume to:; or mail to: LSCHC, 4325 Grand Ave, Duluth, MN 55807.

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