Confidently Telling Your Story

Storytelling one of the oldest artforms throughout history. We see stories wherever we go; they are the foundation of our meetings, the news we see, magazines we read, even the billboards along the highway. Storytelling is how we build connections and create inspiration.

This article is adapted from a Chamber presentation by Annie Harala and Kevin Jacobsen. To view the full webinar, follow the link below.

To tell your story with confidence is to:

  • Give an engaging presentation,
  • Provide an informative TV interview,
  • Share interesting Social Media posts,
  • Land your next Job Interview,
  • Nail that upcoming Sales Pitch

Utilizing his 20 years in the television news business, Kevin Jacobsen is no stranger to the media. Together with his wife Annie Harala, have produced a step-by-step instruction on how to feel confident in front of a camera by clearly outlining your story.

Step 1: Shape your story.

Start with the building blocks. Key elements to a story can be remembered by 5W1H. The who, what, where, when, why, and how. Each of those elements must be fulfilled in your story. Also applicable is the 4Ps = people, place, plot, and purpose. Don’t forget Emotion and Conflict – drives interest and purpose of the story.

Step 2: Organize your thoughts.

Have you ever mixed up the telling of a joke by accidentally spilling the punchline first? To give a great presentation is to have organization wherein the beginning, middle, and end are clearly defined to the audience. Go back to basics – the five paragraph essay is a perfect foundation to organizing any story. This outline includes the Intro, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, and Conclusion. Whether going into a job interview, a presentation – think logically through the flow of your story.

Step 3: Prepare your mind.

Practice. You are the expert! Find confidence in your knowledge. Take on the tone if your presentation, inject emotion, engage with your audience that aligns with the emotion of your story.

**Confidence Boost Tip** Super Hero pose – straighten posture, raise chin, place your fists onto your hips like a super hero. Holding body in this confident stance will help project exactly that – confidence.

Step 4: Answer questions.

For many of us, the anticipation of answering questions – particularly in a media interview, can be paralyzing. Pause, then breathe in. Breath will ground you. It allows time to clear your mind of clutter and gather thoughts about the answer to the question. Restate the question in your answer; shows you’re an active listener, you care about the questions, it helps you think again about your answer. It also allows the audience to hear the question and creates a succinct sound bite for media or listeners. Stay within your expertise, defer to the experts you trust.

If there was one theme woven throughout this webinar, it would be you can do it. Confidence is key – trust your knowledge! For more information on how to prepare for a media interview, style tips, and press release writing, view the full webinar.

Watch Webinar:

Small Business Development Workshop – January 19, 2022
“Confidently Telling Your Story”

Presented by a husband and wife duo: Annie Harala and Kevin Jacobsen. Annie serves as the President and Director of Strategy of Story North Productions, spending the last 12 years working in business, nonprofits, schools and local government. Kevin is the Founder & Creative Director of Story North, and an award-winning storyteller who has invested 20 years in the television news business.

The Duluth Chamber is able to provide this offering free of charge in 2022 to our members because of the generosity of sponsor – Lake Superior College.

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