Building our City by Supporting the Building of More Homes

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Duluthians are fortunate to live in such a breathtakingly beautiful city: our shining city on the hill. At the foot of our beloved city is the rugged shore of the greatest of the Great Lakes. Beyond our city boarders is the edge of the wilderness which serves as our playground for an abundance of outdoor activities.

Yet, Duluthians have a shared challenge which has haunted us for decades. We need more housing for those of us who are wise enough to make Duluth our home. Duluth can become an even more vibrant and compelling place to live and work – if we boldly address this chronic challenge.

The Chamber’s leadership understands this reality. This is why we are encouraging local leaders and development partners to generate additional housing solutions for our Zenith City.

I understand that few of us are in a position to enter into the business of building homes. Yet, each of us can enthusiastically embolden our local elected officials to embrace housing development projects when they must be approved by our Duluth City Council.

There are proposed housing developments which soon will be presented for consideration and, hopefully, approval by our city councilors. As these proposed developments begin to attract local media attention and generate political debate, please have your voice heard. Share your experiences related to finding adequate housing in Duluth. Our elected officials will benefit by learning of your struggles. Ask our councilors to support the building of more housing. Ideally, we will collectively provide councilors the awareness and the encouragement they need to smile upon and embrace the investment, commitment and housing that developers are willing to bring to our emerald city.

Providing more housing options is paramount to Duluth’s future success. This is why you can count on our Chamber to be an unwavering champion for the housing developments that will make our port city a more available, accessible and affordable hometown.

In support,




David Ross

President & CEO