Duluth Area Chamber Advocates During 2022 Legislative Session

Together with business and community leaders, the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce amplified our efforts at the State Capitol this legislative session. In addition to successful efforts at Duluth and St. Louis County Days at the Capitol, we have taken several additional trips to Saint Paul, joined many virtual meetings, authored several letters of support, and spent a lot of time on the phone. Our collective voice worked to advocate for critical issues in Northeastern Minnesota including support for replenishing the unemployment insurance trust fund, frontline worker pay, 148th Fighter Wing, Cirrus and other manufacturers looking to expand their workforce, housing, early childcare, public safety, education, healthcare, transportation, and investment into our business and economic environment.

As a Chamber, we sit at the intersection of small business, community, government, and economic activity. Therefore, these efforts are a key responsibility of our organization as one of the largest Chambers in the state of Minnesota. Further, our Chamber’s footprint in Northeastern Minnesota allows us to be an influential regional chamber advocating for investments and policies that will benefit the economies, businesses, and communities that surround us. We are grateful for the support, participation and insights of our membership and are honored to help represent and advocate on your behalf.

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, and our 1,000 members, are poised for continued success and positive momentum as we continue to recover from the pandemic. Currently, we are seeing historic levels of investment and interest in our community. Now is the time to bet on Duluth with continued investment!

Most of our key priorities this year have had strong bipartisan, bicameral, and gubernatorial support. Many legislators worked very hard to get things across the goal line. We should honor that work and ask them to go into a quick special session to complete what they started. We have come this far, and it is crucial to our local businesses, and our community, that the job gets finished. Businesses and communities throughout Northeastern Minnesota deserve nothing less. We will remain steadfast in our advocacy and efforts.

The Duluth Area Chamber is grateful for the work and support by Governor Walz and his administration, the Senate, and the House this legislative session. Moreover, we remain optimistic that if a short special session is called, the Minnesota Legislature and Governor Walz can take advantage of being near the goal line and can accomplish a historic level of investment for Northeastern Minnesota. Please join us in thanking the legislature and Governor for their support and asking them to finish the job.

In Support,

Daniel Fanning, Board Chair

Renee Mattson, Policy and Advocacy Chair

Matt Baumgartner, President

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce serves as the premier advocate for commerce and industry by facilitating interaction among business, government, education, labor, and the greater community by actively creating innovative opportunities for business to advance within local and global economies and encourages fairness in the political process by serving to help educate our members rather than endorsing or supporting political parties or affiliations.