Have Your Voice Heard Within Imagine Duluth 2035


david ross duluth speechOur talented City of Duluth colleagues are entering the final stage of updating our community’s comprehensive plan, Imagine Duluth 2035. This plan will guide our city’s future physical development, including where growth will occur and where we will invest in our public infrastructure.

The Imagine Duluth 2035 process began in June 2016. From the outset, I have written articles and blogs encouraging you to engage in this transformational planning process. I continue to feel compelled to herald the need for you to have your voice heard within the process.

This encouragement to engage began at the outset of the planning process. This, however, may be my final appeal to you – since staff and volunteers are in the final stages of the plan. As the plan nears completion, city staff are requesting our feedback on the plan’s five proposed areas of focus: 1) economic development, 2) energy and conservation, 3) housing, 4) open space, and 5) transportation. These proposed strategies can be found on imagineduluth.com. Your feedback will allow the city’s planning staff to add your perspective into the updated Comprehensive Plan, which is scheduled to be completed by December 2017.

Specifically, the Energy and Conservation Component of the plan is currently undergoing an in-depth review. Draft strategies and policies have been proposed that pertain to the following three goals: 1) design sustainable buildings to serve current and future generations, 2) increase the use of renewable energy sources, and 3) support development and growth with efficient public infrastructure and services.

You have until August 16 to provide your perspective on the plan’s areas of focus. Please email  CompPlan@duluthmn.gov to contact the Community Planning Department at City Hall.

With your input, our beloved Zenith City can stay on a path that balances the needs of people, place and progress.

Duluth’s reputation is growing as a successful and vibrant community. Yet, we have more work to do to move our community forward. A thoughtful, compelling and empowering Imagine Duluth 2035 Comprehensive Plan will serve as a guide that will keep us moving onward and upward.



In support,


David Ross, President & CEO