Partnering to Promote Candidate Forum

Three old-timers are partnering to bring a rare event to our beloved community. These old-timers are: the Duluth Playhouse, the Duluth News Tribune and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. Founded in 1914, the Playhouse is one of our nation’s oldest community theaters. Founded in 1869, the Tribune has served as the newspaper of the Northland dating back to before the City of Duluth was first incorporated. Founded in 1870, the Duluth Area Chamber has served as the voice of business for 146 years.
Our partnership if fortified by our overlapping missions. The Playhouse is committed to offering exceptional opportunities that may inspire, challenge and engage the region they serve. The Tribune excels at informing, engaging and educating community members. The Chamber is dedicated to creating innovative opportunities for our members to advance within our community. We do so, in part, by providing timely and convenient educational offerings.
The aforementioned histories and purposes fueled our motivation. An unmet need galvanized our resolve. To use the Playhouse’s vernacular: the stage has been set. On Monday, September 19th, at 10:00 a.m., in the Duluth Playhouse, we will partner to host our area’s highest profile 8th Congressional District of Minnesota Candidate Forum. It will feature Congressman Rick Nolan and Republican Candidate Stewart Mills. The Forum will be one hour in duration, concluding at 11 a.m.
The Forum is open to the public. Our cherished Playhouse Theater comfortably seats 280 attendees. As a convenience to you, no registration is required. We will open the doors at 9:15 a.m. As with any popular offering, the best seats will fill fast.
If you are not able to attend, take comfort in knowing that representatives from our local media outlets will record the Forum. They will offer their broadcasts at a time and in a presentation that is available to all of our area’s brothers and sisters.
The leadership teams at the Playhouse, Tribune and the Chamber are pleased and proud to make this offering available to you. I hope you will join us.
In support,
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David Ross, President & CEO