Investing in ENDI and in Duluth


If we are fortunate, there will be a time in our life when our career, our interests, our family and our beliefs meld together in an energizing, unifying force. This typically occurs later in one’s life. It often requires several years of evaluation, reflection and good fortune. Good things happen when this occurs. It appears […]

Imagining an Even More Vibrant Duluth


Duluth’s unique physical beauty and diverse cultural environment create our competitive advantage. Our people work together, with respect for each other, to ensure that development is consistent with Duluth’s character as an urban wilderness. Our community is a welcoming and safe place to live offering high skilled, quality employment. Duluth is a place where every […]

Partnering to Promote Candidate Forum


Three old-timers are partnering to bring a rare event to our beloved community. These old-timers are: the Duluth Playhouse, the Duluth News Tribune and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. Founded in 1914, the Playhouse is one of our nation’s oldest community theaters. Founded in 1869, the Tribune has served as the newspaper of the […]

Preparing for a Duluth City Council Decree


It was a rare and unfamiliar experience. This past Monday evening, for just a moment, I was able to see clearly and vividly into the future. It was a revelation. What I witnessed, in that flash of clarity, was how the Duluth City Council will soon mandate that businesses based in Duluth provide paid, earned […]

Support for Garfield Square Housing Development


Our beloved community needs more housing. The proposed Garfield Square Housing Development will provide Duluthians with fifty new apartments. The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce supports the building of this apartment building. The Chamber remains an unwavering advocate for engaging our members in generating housing solutions for Duluth. The proposed apartment building would be built […]

We Are a River City


If not for Duluth’s fortuitous location on the Greatest of the Great Lakes; our Zenith City would be heralded as a Great City on a Great River. Duluth’s twenty-plus miles of shoreline is evenly distributed between the St. Louis River and Lake Superior. Unfortunately, previous generations polluted the river. Consequently, for decades, many within our […]

Leadership Duluth Remains Strong


The Chamber’s decision to initiate Leadership Duluth in 1987 has stood the test of time. The initiative remains vibrant and beneficial twenty-nine years later. Leadership Duluth came about as a result of the Chamber and the Junior League of Duluth recognizing that our community’s collective leadership capacity will determine our community’s future. The City of […]

A Collaborative Local Voice


Elected officials are accustomed to multiple competing special interest groups concurrently lobbying them on behalf of individual state bonding requests. Most often, these interest groups have opposing and conflicting requests of these elected officials. There are old, tired rivalries: business versus labor, and government versus private sector, which elected officials must navigate during each legislative […]

Advocating for Developers


Two years ago, the Chamber set out to more fully understand the experiences developers encountered when they moved projects through the City of Duluth’s Planning & Construction Services Department. We subsequently interviewed individuals who had shepherded building and expansion projects through City Hall. It was an education. We learned much about what went well and […]

An Ideal Place to Play Hockey


The tenth annual Hockey Day Minnesota Celebration, held this past weekend, was the Celebration’s finest, boldest and most picturesque. Our beloved City of Duluth was the host site for this year’s Celebration. I applaud Fox Sports North for selecting Duluth as the site to celebrate the sport of hockey. Their decision made sense since Duluth […]