Have Your Voice Heard Within Imagine Duluth 2035


  Our talented City of Duluth colleagues are entering the final stage of updating our community’s comprehensive plan, Imagine Duluth 2035. This plan will guide our city’s future physical development, including where growth will occur and where we will invest in our public infrastructure. The Imagine Duluth 2035 process began in June 2016. From the […]

Noble Intentions May Generate Unintended Negative Consequences


Ten months ago, our Duluth City Council approved a resolution creating an eleven-member task force to study the potential impact of a possible Earned Sick and Safe Time Ordinance for our city. The requested ordinance will require employers, located in Duluth, to offer paid sick and safe time to employees. The resolution was approved on […]

Imagining More Housing as a Part of Imagine Duluth 2035


The Chamber’s leadership recognizes the strong link between adequate housing and the vibrancy of our business community. We understand the ways in which an investment in housing construction and housing preservation encourages job growth and the retention of our city’s young talent and young families. We appreciate that housing, at all price points, is needed […]

Mining and Tourism Can Fortify Each Other


A recent study titled, The Future of Duluth & the Arrowhead Region, clearly illustrates how our Arrowhead Community’s mining and tourism industries need not be adversaries. Tourism aids in increasing the appeal of Duluth and the Iron Range. Additionally, it helps promote our beloved region as a place where people choose to work, recreate and […]

Appreciating our Twin Ports


 Our beloved industrial port bustles each year during the nine months that it serves as a world port, when the St. Lawrence Seaway is open. Thankfully, domestic shipping lanes are typically kept open for an additional month each year, with the help of tugboats and the Coast Guard’s icebreakers. This means that our world famous […]

Line 67 Expansion – Your Voice is Important


On February 10, 2017, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) opened a public comment period on the draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for Enbridge’s Alberta Clipper (Line 67) Expansion. The draft SEIS was prepared by DOS as part of its review of Enbridge’s Presidential Permit application to transport 800,000 barrels per day (bpd) on the […]

Unwavering Support for Our Police Department


Some community members are expressing concern regarding what is perceived to be an increase in crime within our beloved Zenith City. While we understand their concern, the Duluth Area Chamber’s leadership remains unequivocally confident in the crime fighting abilities of our Duluth Police Department.  Our confidence originates from our belief in, and our unwavering support […]

Rethinking Adversarial Relationships


Every positive change we can make to Duluth’s increasingly outdated reputation as an anti-development and combative labor town will serve us well. The progressively positive image of Duluth will continue to be enhanced by strengthening the working relationship among various interest groups and organizations in our community. A heightened sense of community will occur if […]

Duluth City Council Disrupting our Twin Ports


  Our beloved Duluth community’s fortunes are inextricably tied to the fortunes of our neighboring community of Superior, Wisconsin. Together, we are the enchanted Twin Ports. Our communities share the Great Lakes’ largest port. The Duluth-Superior Port is also the largest and farthest-inland freshwater seaport in North America. Our communities are abundantly fortunate to be […]

Holding City Councilors Accountable


  In their defense, we believe they have noble intentions. They are kind, sensitive and caring individuals. Their campaign literature states they, “want to represent all Duluthians, no matter our age, race, gender, class, occupation and political affiliation”. Duluth City Councilors Em Westerlund and Gary Anderson are, and do, all of these things. Unfortunately, if […]