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The city of Duluth is the hub of a thriving region in northeastern Minnesota called the Arrowhead. With $9 billion in annual consumer spending and approximately $2 billion planned for new capital investments, Duluth is positioned to benefit from economic opportunities for years to come.

Its international seaport accesses the world through the St. Lawrence Seaway. Natural resources such as taconite (iron ore) and timber helped build the area economy and continue to fuel growth today. Duluth and its neighboring communities have benefited from the expansion of new industries in health care, precision manufacturing, metal fabrication and aerospace.

The Duluth International Airport provides state-of-the-art services from high-speed Internet for travelers to 24/7 air traffic control and radar coverage. More than $73.9 million in capital investments at the airport are either completed or pending, including a new and improved fixed-base operator, Category II instrument landing capabilities to minimize delays in foul weather, auto-pay parking system, in-line baggage screening process, and 24-hour U.S. Customs assistance. The airport also recently completed a $65 million new passenger terminal project.

Retail sales exceed $750 million annually, illustrating Duluth’s growing importance as a regional retail-service-recreation center. The tourism component of our city’s economy generates more than $400 million per year, creating more than 6,800 jobs directly related to the hospitality industry.

Our dedicated workforce demonstrates a strong work ethic resulting in higher productivity and minimal turnover. Our residents choose to live here because of the area’s quality of life and because of our award-winning schools, our 13 college and university campuses and excellent options for health care.

Several organizations proactively partner together to facilitate business expansion and retention.

Attracting and retaining the best performers are key element in achieving success for any organization.

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University of Minnesota, Duluth Center for Economic Development (UMD CED)

Helping Entrepreneurs and Businesses Grow and Succeed. CED offers consulting at no cost to the entrepreneur, business and computer workshops, a business resource library, informational newsletters, and more that will help you to start a business or operate your business more efficiently.

Small Business Development Center

Provides high quality management and technical assistance to small business owners and prospective owners in northeastern Minnesota.

The James J. Hill Business Reference Library

Is one of the most comprehensive business libraries in the country. It offers practical business information, in-depth market and industry research and analysis, and business planning assistance.

Start up Journal by the Wall Street Journal

Starting your own business or buying a franchise is tough, even in a strong economy. You’ll have to research the market, secure financing, open a shop, hire employees, and run the enterprise. StartupJournal can help. Our content comes from the powerful editorial resources of The Wall Street Journal, the world’s leading business publication, as well as, industry experts and StartupJournal’s editorial team.

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