Joyfully Welcoming College Students

Prepare yourself for the wave of energy, investment and activity that is coming our way. It will be a wave of humanity and spending that will lift up our community on a rising tide of prosperity. Our beloved Twin Ports will soon be turbo-charged with the infusion of 23,000 college students. And, they will need to purchase things – numerous things.
If you are in retail, hospitality, housing or the service industries, you fully understand the profound positive impact college students have on our business’ bottom line. Most students spend all summer working jobs in their hometowns so they can return to our beautiful community and spend their earnings. It is truly a beautiful thing.
It makes sense, and cents, then to openly and enthusiastically embrace our college students. The Duluth Area Chamber’s leadership is encouraging our 1,100 members to clearly illustrate their appreciation for college students. We hope they will do so in a way that will be readily apparent to our beloved college students.
Some ideas of how you can participate in this warm welcome include posting messages on your social media pages. Please use these tags in your posts: @StScholastica, @LSC Duluth, @UMNDuluth, @UW_Superior, and @WITC-Superior.
Additionally, the Chamber’s leadership hopes that you will create and promote special deals for students and their families. You would be wise to add welcome messages on your business signage.
Here are dates to remember: Lake Superior College classes begin August 21. University of Minnesota Duluth classes begin August 28. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College classes begin August 28. University of Wisconsin Superior Classes begin September 5. The College of St. Scholastica classes begin September 5.
The Chamber’s goal is to clearly convey to our college students how much we value them. If we are successful in this noble effort, maybe more of our college graduates will remain in our Shining City on the Greatest of the Great Lakes. Please join us in extending a warm and enthusiastic welcome to our college students. Our community’s future depends on it.
In support,
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David Ross, President & CEO