LUMstudio is an offshoot of CF design, an architectiral firm. LUMstudio is a curated colllection of lighting from 8 (soon to be 10) international companies, displayed in a setting of iconic modern furnishings. Lights in LUMstudio are a fraction of the options available from the selected companies. Consulting services regarding both lighting and furnishings will be encouraged in order to provide for selection of the best and most functionally and aesthetically appropriate options from amongst the fabricators from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the US. Lighting can be procured directly through LUMstudio. Furnishings can be selected and customized through LUMstudio and purchased through Intereum, shipping direct from the Twin Cities. Once consistant sales are established, LUMstudio will move to direct distribution of furnishings. No materials will be stocked “in house” and lighting availability will vary from 2-12 weeks, with an average of 5 weeks from order to receipt.
Working hours will involve some Saturday weekend hours- A total of 40/ week desired. Specific weekday work days and hours are negotiable. Ideal starting date between Nov 1 and Dec1, 2023/
A studio manager at LUMstudio will be a person with a passion for the design process in general, and residential lighting, in particular. Prospective candidates should be able to read and clearly understand architectural drawings and, with my help, eventually be willing to reseach and study the various fixture options, and articulate comparisons and contracts between them. This will be a learning process and requires a taste for storytellling and listening to clients. Further,..and over time and experience… this work will require a good sense of color and scale, as well as a broad recognition of various cultural aesthetics…and how these might find relevance in the homes and personalities of clients, through lighting and furnishing. This is a career position for a well-spoken someone with some design background, excellent communication skills, marketing experience, social media comfort, and patience. While there will be sales and procurement processes involved in this job that will require strong organizational and logic skills, this is also a great opportunity to promote and guide a Culture of Design in our community, through lighting and furnishing…two of the most carefully and thoughfully created Products of a modern internationally driven design process. Travel, in reality or through books and imagery, certainly an asset!
Retirement Simple Plan after 1 year, 2 weeks vacation + 2 optional days. Individual Health coverage. Yearly Salary based on background, experience, social and communication skills,- negotiable with beginning discussion starting at $62K.