An Ideal Opportunity to Hear from Local Candidates

The Chamber’s leadership has arranged to provide you a convenient and timely opportunity to meet the candidates running for local elected office. Once again, we are partnering with the Duluth News Tribune and the Duluth Playhouse at the Depot to make it happen. Today’s Duluth News Tribune provides the details… In support, David Ross Our […]

Promoting Jobs and Investment in our Community

Our beloved community’s ability to remain vibrant depends on our capacity to offer attractive employment to our residents and to those who seek to join us in our shining city on the hill. This is our shared challenge. One way we can generate this employment is by encouraging investment in local businesses. Additionally, we can […]

The Great Lakes Aquarium Turnaround

The Great Lakes Aquarium is a community treasure. It inspired us to explore our connection to Lake Superior, the Greatest of the Great Lakes. In recent years, the aquarium has transitioned from being a financial challenge for the City of Duluth into a robust financially vibrant, compelling attraction for both community members and visitors. The […]

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

  For two years, the Chamber fought a noble and courageous battle against the implementation of a mandated earned sick and safe time ordinance in Duluth. In doing so, we ensured that Duluth City Councilors understood the negative impact their mandate will have on local businesses. We challenged city councilors to illustrate empathy for the […]

This Place is About to Blow

You would be justified in wondering why I, an uptight Chamber executive, walk along the streets of beautiful downtown Duluth singing to myself the lyric, “This place is about to blow.” You would also have good reason to ponder why I choose to open this editorial with this lyric from the song, Blow, recorded in […]

Appreciation for City’s Efforts to Enhance Project Review & Approval Process

Six years ago, the Chamber set out to more fully understand the experiences developers encountered when they moved potential projects through the City of Duluth’s Planning & Construction Services Department. We interviewed several individuals who had shepherded building and expansion projects through City Hall. It was an education. We shared our findings with the City’s […]

Have Your Voice Heard – Encourage Councilors to Honor Elissa Hansen’s Legacy on the Council

Please consider encouraging Duluth City Councilors to select an advocate for Duluth’s employers when they chose a successor for their former colleague, Elissa Hansen. You can do so by reaching out to councilors at The Duluth News Tribune Editorial Board presents powerful rationale for doing so in the following Duluth News Tribune editorial: Our View: Honor […]

Bracing for the City’s Earned Sick and Safe Time Ordinance

The majority of Duluth’s employers are disheartened by the Duluth City Council’s recent decision to mandate that Duluth’s employers provide additional sick and safe time benefits to employees. The Chamber’s leadership witnessed how this mandate was precipitated by political pressure imposed on the Council by state and local special interest groups. These groups had calculated […]

September - October 2019

Veit: Taking Care of the Big Jobs


Leadership Duluth is a priceless experience that helps you engage in the Duluth, build and nurture business contracts and gain friendships. LD continues to provide that experience for me daily as a professional in our business community.

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