Advocate for Developers – Share Your Experiences Moving Projects Through City Hall

For the past five years, the Chamber’s leadership has inquired into the experiences our members encounter when they move projects through the City of Duluth’s Planning & Construction Services Department. It has been a worthwhile endeavor and an enlightening education. Good has come from it.
We have shared what we have learned with the leadership team at City Hall. In recent years, dramatic improvements have been realized. City Hall is a friendlier place to do business. I applaud Keith Hamre, the City’s Director of Planning & Construction Services. He is a gifted leader who is orchestrating this positive change within City Hall. His talented colleague, Heather Rand, the City’s Director of Business and Economic Development, is also an advocate for this noble improvement effort.
Recently, City Councilor Noah Hobbs has turbo-charged this improvement effort by establishing, and leading, the Duluth City Council Red Tape Reduction Task Force.  I admire and appreciate Councilor Hobbs for bringing his leadership to this noble initiative. Keith Hamre is providing staff support to the task force.
The purpose of the task force it to provide the City Council with information and recommendations that will reduce red tape and make it easier for entrepreneurs to establish businesses in Duluth. The task force will produce recommendations which will promote business development and job growth in our beloved community.
The task force is comprised of seven members, including: an architect, a developer, a contractor, a representative of the building trades, two small business owners, and myself.
We met in November and in December, 2017. We are making progress. Yet, we are at a point where we will greatly benefit from your input. We have made it as convenient as possible for you to have your voice heard within this improvement effort.
In less than five minutes, you can share how you were treated within the City’s Planning & Construction Services Department. Please do so by completing the Red Tape Reduction Task Force Survey, click here.

With your input as a resource, my task force colleagues and I will continue to advocate on your behalf as we find ways to reduce red tape in City Hall.

In partnership,
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David Ross, President & CEO